How to mount a ISO image under Linux

This post will be short. I wil only write the necessary commands to mount an ISO under Linux.

1. Open your terminal and get root

pedro@pedro-laptop:$ sudo su

2. Create the directory where we wanto to mount the ISO image

root@pedro-laptop:$ mkdir /media/iso

3. Mount the image in the directory as shown below

root@pedro-laptop:$ mount -o loop image.iso /media/iso

Where image.iso is the ISO file we want to mount, and /media/iso is the directory we created previously.

That’s all, now we can go to the directory where the ISO is mounted and explore it like a regular CD or DVD!

pedro@pedro-laptop:$ ls -lah /media/iso

In order to umount, just launch the command as superuser

pedro@pedro-laptop:$ sudo umount /media/iso

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